Drupal E-commerce Developer in Bangalore

Drupal E-commerce Developer in Bangalore

There are many open source CMS Platforms out there in the market. But one of those in trend and highly popular to develop E-commerce website is Drupal CMS Platform. This is developed by using PHP and the database system used is MySQL. Drupal is developer recommended E-commerce tool so it is easy to customize and develop additional features even it has lots of developed plug-in and theme. WEB FEB is a go-to option if you are looking for a Drupal E-commerce Developer in Bangalore.

Main Feature in Drupal

  • Shopping Cart Mechanism
  • Products Listing and Inventory management
  • Create Charges, Taxed and Discounts
  • Recurring Payments and Registration with profiles
  • Payment Plug-in
  • User-friendly Invoice generation
  • Reports and Sales Summary
  • Maximum editable to clients

How benefit to user or customers: Open source software helps us provide your website at affordable rates. There is a large community helping developers each other in making the platform better. There are a large number of themes which are elegant and free, which help businesspersons reduce Web Development cost significantly.

It is customizable: Drupal is highly customizable. One could extend in terms of features, performance, theme layouts and design aspects.

It has an extensive API support: Social Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, Google Apps etc. offer substantial API support for Drupal. There is a provision for even creating custom modules with the help of API documentation.

It is SEO-friendly: Drupal Websites are SEO Friendly. There are the lot of SEO modules to boost your page rankings.

It is mobile-ready: Smart devices have become means of shopping online. It is important to have your E-commerce website mobile responsive. Drupal websites are made fully responsive to have a similar look as that of a website fitting into your screen. Mobile responsive websites tend to generate more leads as per the statistics.

Drupal E-commerce Developer in Bangalore

WEB FEB is known for developing a large number of E-commerce Websites in Bangalore who are proficient in almost all CMS platforms, Drupal being one of them. With a team of professionals building your E-commerce website, you are assured to have the best output. WEB FEB is reaching heights gaining attention as one of the best Drupal E-commerce Developer in Bangalore.