Ecommerce Payment Gateway Integration in Bangalore

A payment gateway allows the merchants to process the orders purchased on his website through credit card/debit cards/ internet Banking. When a customer who tries to make transactions providing his payment account details at checkout, the checkout will submit his transaction to the selected payment gateway for routing to the credit card payment networks. The payment gateway may be provided by a bank to its customers, but can be provided by a specialized financial service provider as a separate service. Payment Gateway Integration has to be done to the website in order for customers to purchase your products online. WEB FEB offers cheapest cost ecommerce Payment Gateway Integration in Bangalore.

Typical Payment Gateway transaction processes

  1. A customer after purchasing orders and filling out the billing information is required to click on Place order or submit button, or may have to even enter their credit/debit card details
  2. With order placed via website, the customer’s web browser sends the encrypted information from user browser to merchant’s web server.
  3. The transaction details are then forwarded by merchant to their respective payment gateway. All these transfer of details are SSL encrypted.
  4. The XML formatted message is converted by Payment gateway. The payment gateway then forwards the transaction details to the payment processor
  5. The payment processor sends the transaction details to the respective card association( eg: Visa/MasterCard/American Express). The respective card association behaves as the issuing bank and responds to payment gateway.
  6. The card association which now acts as issuing bank receives authorization request, verifies the credit/debit available and then sends a response back to the processor.
  7. The payment processor forwards the authorization response to the payment gateway.
  8. Upon receiving response from payment processor, the payment gateway forwards the same on to the website.
  9. The merchant then full-fills the order and the Clearance is initiated after merchant has fulfilled the transaction

Payment Gateway Integration to E commerce Website

Payment gateway integration and Merchant Account set-up is straightforward and simple, as a client you simply give your data and we deal with the rest. A decent and simple approach to acknowledge installments on the web.
In the online business creation process the first ideas are related to the business type, what to do, what to sell, and right there the question came out. How to charge for your services and/or products? How to allow customers to pay online using their credit cards or checks? The answer couldn’t be easier; you need a merchant account with the ability of accepting online payments through a Payment Gateway. Web Feb Provides the Services for payment gateway integration for the customer.

Ecommerce Payment Gateway Integration in Bangalore

For every E commerce portal you want, you always think of the probabilities allowing customers to pay online using their credit cards/debit cards/direct transfers. For every such thought of yours, WEB FEB team is right there for you. We can do payment gateway integration in Bangalore to your website within HOURS at cheapest price. Our developers have nearly integrated every payment gateway available. We are known for the providing the best services in ecommerce Payment Gateway Integration in Bangalore.

Some of the most widely supported gateways include:

  • PayPal
  • Payza
  • Perfect Money
  • Egopay
  • SecurePay
  • Verify
  • Braintree
  • SecurePay

It is a service provider that provides payment authorization. Basically Its Software application connecting with the bank, So that Customer can pay right there on the spot without leaving their apartment. this type of service including E-Commerce websites, There are many different payment gateways including Paypal, Master Card, Visa Payments. Each payment gateway methods takes different particular commissions. The Customer will be trusted with a secure payment during checkout. Several steps takes place during transaction process. But which will takes only a couple seconds. Payment gateways support the full range of processing services. Authorization, Authorization and Capture, refunds and voids.

How does Payment gateway interact with Shopping Cart??

Payment gateway and Shopping Carts enter the Transaction cycle at different stages. Shopping carts enable customers to select items for purchase and calculate the total cost of the order, including shipping handling Charges and taxes, if applicable.