Linux Server provider in Bangalore

The most popular Operating system which web hosting providers recommend is LINUX.  Most of the hosts, where prominently shared hosting providers consider Linux for hosting packages by default. Hence it is regarded as the leading hosting service provider. One of the prominent/top companies who runs on Linux is GOOGLE. WEB-FEB Program acknowledges this fact and hence considers LINUX servers for hosting our client websites. WEB-FEB Program is intended to provide service for small-scale companies and startups. LINUX servers being the cheapest of all is best suitable for startups and is the most secure one. Linux servers are often preferred over other server operating systems because of their reputation for security, consistency and flexibility.

Benefits of Linux Hosting:

  • It is the best in terms of security, provided you are updated. So with security ensured from the server end, you are less prone to hacking.
  • With Linux hosting, you are provided with Cpanel, which is an industry standard web hosting control panel which offers one to easily host your website/applications.
  • The cost is less compared to as that of servers operating on different operating servers.

The web hosting is now configured according to the standards of LAMP. Therefore it enables for you to develop dynamic content using PHP programming language connecting to MySQL database. This uses Apache server and Linux operating system.

Features of Linux Hosting:

  • It is free usually
  • Suitable for multipurpose
  • Customization and Flexibility
  • C panel facility incorporated
  • Powerful and supported by a vast users community

Some of the popular Linux distributions are CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Red Hat, Ubuntu. Linux is used by most of the smartphones, supercomputers and embedded devices. Fully fledged hosting packing includes account management, add-on domains, developing websites is simple with great Linux host.

Linux Server provider in Bangalore

WEB-FEB Program has a networking team who is proficient in configuring all types of servers. If you would want to host your website or web application on Linux server and we are the best partners for you as Linux Server provider in Bangalore. So you are in the best hands for your website to be hosted on right server.

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