Web based application in Bangalore

A Web-based application is a software program that could be accessed over a network using HTTP rather than existing on a local machine. The web-based application is downloaded from the web each time it runs. Hence could be referred as browser-based apps that run within the user’s Web browser. Hence the name Web-based application. Now days Everyone’s getting a on-board of Cloud Services and web based business application as it’s becoming complete alternative to desktop based software. And We are deeply in this to help growing a number of business achieve their goals by embedding high technological expertise and well optimized development Methodologies. Web Feb Offers Web Based application Development in Bangalore.

Web Based applications could be:

    • Browser-based:  These applications run within the Web browser. Scripts and codes are written using HTML, CSS, JavaScript is embedded within the Web page is downloaded from a Website. The advantageous part of this is it could run on any machine, be it a Windows PC, MAC or Linux or even Ubuntu, irrespective of the environment, because at the end of the day all Web browsers must render HTML, CSS and execute JavaScript in the same manner. To add furthermore, server-side interaction is done mainly to access databases and other networks. The data could be stored on a local machine or the Web space itself or both.
    • Client-based:   Web applications may also run without the browser. With a client program being either installed on a local disk or downloaded every session interacts with the server on the Web using standard Web Protocols. Even here the data could be stored either locally or on the web space itself.
    • Mobile Web App:  Enormous number of mobile apps uses the Web for additional information.

Web Based Application Development in Bangalore

Web Feb has a team core expertise and years of experience having built many Web-based applications. Web feb offers Web-based application at cheapest rate for small-scale industries and startups, with a vision to help these startups stand tall in the market soon. These Web-based application built by professionals are of high quality yet at affordable rates for end users. We are regarded as one of the Web-based application developing company in Bangalore.

Web-based applications are the ultimate way to take advantage of today’s technology to enhance your organizations’ productivity & efficiency. The web-based application gives you an opportunity to access your business information from anywhere in the world at any time. It also facilitates you to save time & money and improve the interactivity with your customers and partners.

With web-based applications, users access the system via a uniform environment—the web browser. While the user interaction with the application needs to be thoroughly tested on different web browsers, the application itself needs only be developed for a single operating system. There is no need to develop and test it on all possible operating system versions and configurations. This makes development and troubleshooting much easier and for web applications.

WEB FEB offers following Web-based applications

Android offers a variety of ways to present content to a user. Web application includes online forms, word processor, spreadsheets, photo editing, video, shopping carts, file scanning. Increased internet usage among companies and individuals has influenced the way businesses are run. While providing our application development services, we seek to work closely with our clients, listening, to their unique goals and objectives, and maintaining constant communication as the development process progresses to ensure that all progress is aligned with your needs.

Benefits of Web based application:

  • Work from anywhere anytime, web based software can be accessed from any device that is connected to the internet. Data can be accessed by the user after logs in. this is a real bonus for productivity.
  • No physical software to download, install, update or manage. The software is always up to date and down times are minimized with redundant system off site.
  • Web based software is compatible with any device or platform. The software is delivered through a browser of the user’s choice.
  • Pay u as go, upfront costs are minimal with fees based on per user scheme.