Graphic Design Training in Bangalore

Graphic Design Training

Graphic Design is one of the fastest growing and high paying career option in the world today. The demand for graphic design and has increased multi-fold due to fast-paced developments in the sectors like advertisements, the entertainment industry, gaming etc. A formal training can be of great help for acquiring the technical skills required for this field. The courses are designed to understand graphics as an essential frame-by-frame art. The students of our institution are technical, creatively and graphically trained to create believable motion.WEB FEB has seasoned faculty in the area of graphic design.These courses in animation train students to create extra-ordinary animated graphics. Graphics design training in Bangalore.

Why Web feb?

WEB FEB offers courses in the field of Graphic Design. They acquire a comprehensive foundation in understanding the principles and elements of graphic design and its technicalities.The courses offered by our institution are designed to train students with the technical advances of creative animation. After pursuing the courses at Vogue, the students can become successful artists and directors for feature films, television, commercial production and independent film projects. Web Feb is the Graphics design training in Bangalore


  • 100% Placement
  • Certified Training
  • Work on Live Projects
  • Get mentored by Experts
  • Learn as an employee on real-time projects
  • 4months Duration
  • Full Time : 8 hr / 5 Days or Weekend
  • Fees 40,000/-

Photoshop Training in Bangalore

Adobe Photoshop is the premier photo editing software tool accessible. Regardless if you’re working on a document, PowerPoint presentation, or a web page to be printed, Photoshop may be utilized to improve your pictures. Participants are going to learn about image file types, formatting text with levels along with other effects, compositing, ghosting pictures, using layers, creating masks, employing filters, and cropping pictures.We’re just one of a top institute for Adobe Photoshop learning Bangalore. Photoshop can be used widely in several areas and is extremely popular.

  • Learning about the user interface, and saving workspaces.
  • Quickly accessing some common options with shortcuts, changing shortcuts, etc.
  • New document options and opening images.
  • Separating parts of your project into separate layers.
  • Zooming in and out and panning around your document.
  • Using various brushes and other tools for drawing.
  • Editing and adjusting photographs.
  • Smart objects and non-destructive workflow.
  • Creating vector shapes and icons.
  • Using filters and styles to add effects to layers.v
  • Adding and styling text.

Illustrator Training in Bangalore

Create logos, icons, sketches, typography and complex illustrations for print, web,interactive, video and mobile. Follow along for Illustrator tips & tricks.

  • User interface and workspaces.
  • Keyboards shortcuts and menu options.
  • New document and artboard options.
  • Selecting, aligning and transforming objects with tools and panel options.
  • Creating basic and advanced shapes by using various tools and pathfinder options.
  • Arranging objects in layers and isolating them.
  • Changing fill and stroke color, applying and creating gradients and patterns.
  • Creating text, changing character and paragraph settings and creating styles.
  • The Appearance panel and effects.
  • Tracing raster images and converting them to vectors.
  • Printing and exporting documents and objects in various formats.

InDesign Training in Bangalore Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing software application produced by Adobe Systems. It can be used to create works such as posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, presentations, books and ebooks.

  • Creating a new document, book or library.
  • The user interface, shortcuts, quick apply, and workspaces.
  • Multiple pages and the pages panel.
  • Using rulers, column guides, margins, and adding guides.
  • Creating, selecting, transforming, and aligning objects.
  • Adding and editing text, text frames, text threading, and story editor.
  • Span columns, text wrap, tabs, bullets and numbering.
  • Saving and reusing text settings in paragraph and character styles.
  • Importing images, text and other files.
  • Master pages, pages numbering and sections.
  • Printing, packaging, and exporting documents.

Microsoft Training in Bangalore

WEBFEB intention is to provide best Microsoft training in Bangalore.We provide basic and advanced hands-on training on Microsoft tech stack . Microsoft Training and guidance on all Microsoft (development) certifications. Get trained on all the cutting edge technology and gain skills to build and deliver all kind of applications on various platforms. Whether you want to learn basics to the expert level, each training  is tailor made to suit your development needs. You will be geared Hands-on labs, demos, easy assignments, project works and mock interviews to make you well prepared for the real world. Graphics design training in Bangalore