Domain Transfer in Bangalore

A domain represents an IP address. In other terms, a domain name is one which could be read by humans which is uniquely registered to an individual or organization like This actually links to server information like IP by DNS. If you would like to transfer a domain and you are looking Domain Transfer company in Bangalore, you are at the right place. Domains are managed by Registrars who are a company or organization authorized by ICANN to sell domains. They could also sell through resellers. WEB-FEB Program helps its customers with the process of both Domain Registration and Domain Transfer. There could be many reasons for the fact you are going for domain transfer.

You might wish to keep your domain intact with your web host, or a better offer from another registrar might have made you change your mind, Whatever the reason may be, WEB-FEB Program helps you in the process of Domain Transfer who is a proficient Domain Transfer company in Bangalore

Domain Transfer between registrars

Domain Transfer or domain name transfer is referred to as changing registered user of a domain. The domain is managed by registrar where registrar handles all customer data including billing, ownership, administrative, technical and customer services related to domain name registration. Registrar connects your domain and the server’s IP (Internet protocol) address of the server where your website is hosted.

Transferring the domain to another account

Step 1: The first step is to unlock your domain
Log in to your account, select your domain and the click on unlock domain
Step 2: Authorization Code
It differs from one domain providers to another. Basically, you need to retrieve the authorization code either by just viewing or sending it through mail or contacting technical support
Step 3: Submit your Transfer
Step 4: Confirmation via Email that you oblige to transfer
You would be sent an Email once you have submitted your transfer request. This is a confirmation Email for the same. On clicking that you will be asked for the authorization code. This is the same as the one you’re retrieved earlier. Enter this authorization code in that field.
Step 5: Transfer complete
If all the above steps are right, then your domain should be transferred within 5 working days.

Domain transfer between hosts

On registering your domain, the next step would be hosting. To host the website on that particular domain, the domain has to be pointed to right servers using name servers. Now your website will be hosted on the nameservers to which your domain is pointing to.

Transferring the domain between hosts:

Step 1: Choose your domain and click on Manage DNS
Step 2: On clicking Manage DNS you should be seeing records and name servers. Click on Change Nameservers
Step 3: Collect your new hosting name servers from hosting service providers. Paste those name servers which will let your domain to point to your new host
Step 4: Recreate all the emails you had earlier created in the old hosting. The DNS propagation takes from 24 hours – 72 hours. You are done

Domain Transfer company in Bangalore

WEB FEB apart from designing websites, developing portals and applications also helps customers in transferring their domain. Be it between registrars or between hosts, WEB FEB is a popular Domain Transfer company in Bangalore.