Pay per click in Bangalore

PPC in Bangalore

PPC is one of the most popular forms of Search engine advertising. It is an online Advertising model which is used to direct traffic, where the publisher gets his pay when a customer clicked on an ad. The PPC management is monitoring and maintenance of a Pay-Per-Click campaign or campaigns. This includes many sorts of things as changing bid prices, editing ad copy, expanding and refining keyword lists, testing campaign components for cost-effectiveness and the successful conversions out of it, and their output and performance reports for management and clients, and results to feed in future PPC campaign operations. Web feb is the Best PPC Company in Bangalore

Why Choose Web Feb

  • Named Best Pay Per Click company in Bangalore
  • We Currently work with 20 Pay per Click and internet advertising clients
  • We Teach PPC, SEO, Analytics etc.
  • We Focused 100% result.
  • We get results for clients and build online businesses
  • We are honest, hardworking and give the result whatever customer expect.
  • No Long-term contracts.
  • Expert and Experience staff.

Some years ago, as long as you had some money to start with and a product people liked, you could simply upload Your some keywords into Adsense/AdWords. Later on when we back “pay per click Marketing” the keywords were very cheap, most of the searchers were very less savvy, and the SEM landscape was far less competitive.Finally, We optimize the “pay per click advertising” so, that your message goes to the targeted audience and increases the website traffic.

Some of our Features:

  • Google Yahoo PPC Management
  • Expert Detailed Keyword Analysis
  • Weekly Email Reporting
  • Expert Campaign Analysis
  • Hands-On PPC Bid Management
  • Exclusive Impression Capture Technology
  • Weekly, Bi-weekly, or Monthly PPC Mgmt Account Meetings
  • Unlimited managed Keywords
  • Expert Deep ROI Analysis
  • Weekly Organic vs. PPC comparison report
  • Unlimited PPC Management Phone Support

Benefits of PPC advertising & marketing

Active in the web business for more than ten years, Web-Feb is a leading name in PPC advertising & marketing business. With proven strategies to increase your ROI, our experts have the knowledge of what will work and what will not create a sure shot successful campaign for our clients.

  • It helps to reach web users searching for services related to your Business
  • It gives you instant results unlike SEO which is a long struggle
  • It comes with the ability to run language specific campaign
  • It offers functionality to target specific geographic locations
  • It allows you to target all devices separately
  • If managed well, it’s a value for money proposition
  • No minimum investment requirements
  • It helps you to retarget visitors who have browsed your website before but did not convert