android-app-development bangalore

android-app-development bangalore

Android platform is nothing but a software stack designed for mobile devices. This platform is developed and managed by the Open Handset Alliance and is available in open source under the Apache License. So Google is, of course, one of the prime motivators behind the Android platform, so you generally tend to believe Android and Google to be together.  Android Application Development in Bangalore. But of course, Google played a major role in the development of the Android platform itself. WEB FEB is the right place if you are looking for Android Application Development in Bangalore at cheapest cost. With years of experience on Android development, right from cupcake till nougat, hundreds of app development complementing our experience and professionalism, depth knowledge, we are your right partners for Android application development in Bangalore. At WEB-FEB we deliver apps that put our clients ahead of the curve.

Briefing out Android App Development:

Android platform can be viewed as consisting of three layers.

  1. At the bottommost layer, we have the Linux kernel, which essentially deals with the underlying hardware and then exposes a nice upper-level interface for the rest of the Android platform to be able to run independent of the underlying hardware. So this is the abstraction layer, the hardware abstraction layer plus the operating system layer, which exports a nice interface for the software itself to run on top.
  2. Now, on top of that is the middleware, which consists of the Android libraries, the Android runtime, and the Android framework itself.
  3. Then, on top of it, is the applications layer. Now, this is where a user encounters the Android platform. So the applications, the apps that you launch and use on the Android platform, reside at this layer. So that is that typical user’s interaction with the platform itself.

Android platform can be identified by three different attributes.

  • Name of the platform
  • Version numbering
  • API level

Looking at the Android architecture itself, let’s look at the more detailed structure of the Android architecture.

  • Now, at the topmost layer, of course, you have the application layer. The application layer is where the user applications, the standard applications, and the applications that will be developed, exist. So this is the typical user’s interaction with the Android device.
  • Now, below the application layer, of course, you have the Android Application Framework. So when you develop your applications, you will be making use of the API that the Android Application Framework exports for you to make use of. This is where the various managers– the Notification Manager, the Window Manager, Activity Manager, the telephony, the condom provider, the view system– all these exist in this particular layer. Down below that are the libraries– the libraries that consist of the Bionic library, which is the Android’s version of the libc implementation, the media framework, SQLite support, WebKit, OpenGL support, Surface Manager, or all these various things that exist. These libraries are typically implemented in C and C++. In addition to the libraries, you have the Android Runtime. So this is the Android’s version of the Java virtual machine optimized for the mobile platform environment.
  • Now, down below that, of course, is your Linux kernel itself, which deals with the underlying hardware. So the drivers, the hardware abstraction, and all that, together with the actual Linux kernel, constitutes the bridge between the hardware and the software.
WEB-FEB Program offers cheapest Android Application Development in Bangalore

At WEB-FEB we use cross Android Studio which facilitates us the tools for building apps quickly on every type of Android device. Android Studio is the official IDE for android application development. Our Android Application development in Bangalore has highly professional team which includes Business Analyst, Project Manager, Solution Architect, Technical Lead, Backend Mobile developers, UI/UX team. We are one of the top companies in Android Apps Development in Bangalore.

WEB-FEB Android App Development Working Strategy:
  • Requirement Gathering and Analysis: All the client requirements are documented which is the main focus of the project managers. It is very important for us to understand our client’s vision and objectives. Discussions will be held with the clients so as to be clear in our further proceedings. Once we are clear with these, we send you the Project deliverables which include project timeline and costs.
  • Planning: After your approval project plan will be developed. A project manager will dedicate best team and resources to the project. This will be again subject to client’s approval.
  • Design: Our expert UI team will design the front end of your app. This will give you a fair idea, how the app would be developed.
  • Development: Now is the time for actual implementation which is the most prominent phase of android app development. Our developers’ code to implement your required functionalities. They develop multiple algorithms and choose the best. This code is optimized for better performance.
  • Testing: Once the Android app is developed, our testing engineers will run several tests to find the bugs. These tests will run on various devices, multi-browsers and as multi-platforms. We send you the demo version of the Android app and take your valuable feedback. We further work to see what better improvements could be done based on your feedback and meets industry standards.
  • Deployment: Our Team will deploy your app into Google Play store which will be done smooth and swiftly.
  • Maintenance: We offer you dedicated client support and maintain your app throughout its lifetime. Fix bugs time to time, provide updates, have software packages updated, all these will be included in the maintenance.

With such experience and knowledge in our team, we are a team who boasts offering best Android Application Development in Bangalore at the cheapest cost.