Education Portal developer in Bangalore

Educational business is growing rapidly more in number and it is a very important step to get these businesses into online.If you own one of these educational centers and have an idea of promoting it through online then you have come to the right place. Web Feb, Bangalore is one of the demanding centers for designing your dream website if you are looking for Education Portal developer in Bangalore. The services we provide include for degrees, E-learning, worksheets, schools, employment requirements and other advertising services. We not only develop you a great website but also give support for SEO (search engine optimization) and make sure your site gains popularity which would be a great improvement and profit for your business.

Education Portal development in Bangalore

Education Portal has emerged as an online education program with the purpose is to conduct classes for the students through E-learning mode which is simplified for online learning and teaching purpose. Here, students and teachers interact through online video and audio sessions, online posts and forums, online course materials, projects, practical sessions and numerous other resources. It is a tool in which online training classes/sessions are conducted. AAdvanced applications and specialized features with the main objective in developing the best education portal development which enables interactive system for e-Learning tools. We customized our approach as per the client needs in providing various services.

Features of Education Portal Development:

  • Reports and catalogs.
  • Calendar of events.
  • Creating online communities and forums (students, administrators and alumni).
  • Facility to access resources for students, faculty, admin parents.
  • Library of course materials and assessments.
  • Test and Exam assessments.
  • Job opening facilities.(Job Portal)
  • Payment gateway services.

It provides excellent services in creating education portal development which allows robust and fascinating features, convenient access and customized applications. Our team of dynamic and professional experts implement advanced web technologies and open source elements for entire web portal solutions.

We make the most efficient use of the latest techniques and resources to provide you the best services. Web Feb specializes in educational web site development having designed many numbers of websites. So experience is not at all a matter to worry about our service.

We mainly focus on your business goals and target market and make sure to provide your website viewers with informational content that will let them know what your business aims at and what it stands for. These days people prefer online technology because of its popularity. So it is very important for a need of educational website development. Students are staff have started to believe that the internet is a source of the information and should be an essential part of an educational strategy. Web Feb  has a team of professionals who has immense experience as Education Portal developer in Bangalore.

In our Educational portals, we not only publish your content but also make it interactive by providing news and announcement feature, a blog for students to discuss on, Exams for you to conduct online which help in less of paperwork, tests for flexibility of students to take up at their convenient time and self-evaluate their knowledge. Web Feb even offers mobile apps at affordable rates which make students life easier accessing web contents. Any queries regarding in making your websites we are always here to clarify any time. Make the most with the best services we are providing at affordable prices.

The essence of Human Resource development is Education, Which plays a significant and important role in balancing the socio-economic framework of the country. Education web development for school, colleges is customized with end-to-end features of making a digital presence. Here, students and teachers interact through online video, audio and sessions, online posts and forums, online course materials, and numerous other resources. Web Feb is an Education Portal development connected to the varsity, faculty or university web site accessible to workers, students and their folks.

Web Feb provides the excellent services in creating education portal development which allows robust and fascinating features. Convenient access and Customized applications.