Payment Gateway Integration in Bangalore

A payment gateway allows the merchants to process the orders purchased on his website through credit card/debit cards/ internet banking.When a customer who tries to make transactions providing his payment account details at checkout, the checkout will submit his transaction to the selected payment gateway for routing to the credit card payment networks. The payment gateway may be provided by a bank to its customers but can be provided by a specialized financial service provider as a separate service. Payment Gateway Integration has to be done to the website in order for customers to purchase your products online. Web Feb offers cheapest cost E-commerce Payment Gateway Integration in Bangalore.

Typical Payment Gateway transaction processes

  • A customer after purchasing orders and filling out the billing information is required to click on Place order or submit button or may have to even enter their credit/debit card details
  • With orders placed via website, the customer’s web browser sends the encrypted information from the user browser to merchant’s web server.
  • The transaction details are then forwarded by a merchant to their respective payment gateway. All these transfer of details are SSL encrypted.
  • The XML formatted message is converted by Payment gateway. The payment gateway then forwards the transaction details to the payment processor
  • The payment processor sends the transaction details to the respective card association( eg: Visa/MasterCard/American Express). The respective card association behaves as the issuing bank and responds to the payment gateway.
  • The card association which now acts as issuing bank receives authorization request, verifies the credit/debit available and then sends a response back to the processor.
  • The payment processor forwards the authorization response to the payment gateway.
  • Upon receiving a response from the payment processor, the payment gateway forwards the same on to the website.
  • The merchant then fulfills the order and the Clearance is initiated after merchant has fulfilled the transaction

Payment Gateway Integration to E-commerce Website

Payment gateway integration and Merchant Account set-up are straightforward and simple, as a client you simply give your data and we deal with the rest. A decent and simple approach to acknowledge installments on the web.

In the online business creation process the first ideas are related to the business type, what to do, what to sell, and right there the question came out. How to charge for your services and/or products? How to allow customers to pay online using their credit cards or checks? The answer couldn’t be easier; you need a merchant account with the ability to accept online payments through a Payment Gateway.

A Payment Gateway enables a website to accept payments from their customers and clients over the net. It is very similar to the point of sale terminals that you can see at your local stores. An e-commerce site would be incomplete without a mechanism is to accept payments in real time from customers. The e-commerce sites do not handle the customer’s sensitive information. It will store the name and address of the customer in its database, as it needs it to fulfill an order. It needs the customer name and address to courier the goods purchased. But it does not need to handle the sensitive payment details. As it can then easily be misused by anyone. An e-commerce software solution they have so many good readymade applications available. Some of these e-commerce solution applications act as standalone

Merchant Gateway

Merchant Account is a simple way to explain it is a “bank account” established with a payment processor for the settlement of credit cards and checks transactions. Most merchant accounts require monthly payments and transaction fees. If you do not want to pay the fees there are free online merchant accounts like PayPal and Google Check Out. These free merchant accounts may work for you, but note that they can have limitations depending on what it is that you are selling, such as limited options needed to sell any specific item on your website. Please speak to a web developer to decide which account will work best for your business.

Payment Gateway Integration Features

  • Maximum Payment Options: Here we can use the different type of payment methods.
  • Multiple Currency Processing: Global deliver localized in buying experience and avoid conversion disputes.
  • Easy Customization: Customize the Payments page to the look & feel that suits your website.
  • Smart Dynamic Routing: It detects the best performing gateway in terms of success rates and routes your transaction through it.
  • Integrated payment experience: It delivers lightning fast payment services directly without redirecting users from your website.

E-commerce Payment Gateway Integration in Bangalore

An e-commerce website will also consist of modules. All these modules are together, and they work in harmony to create a fully functioning e-commerce website. A payment gateway is also one of the many modules that make up an e-commerce website to be integrated. All we are concerned with is the broader aspect of how the payment gateway integrates with the other modules of an E-commerce solution.

If you are getting up an E-Commerce store or selling digital products from your website, You’ll need a payment gateway to accept payments from your customers. Our smart payment is defined by the to access has a ability to collect the payments from the customers in a particular geography. The Option is to collect payments are also restricted by our choice of Where company is officially registered. Web Feb Provides the Best Payment gateway Integration Provides in Bangalore.

For every E-commerce portal you want, you always think of the probabilities allowing customers to pay online using their credit cards/debit cards/direct transfers. For every such thought of yours, Web Feb team is right there for you. We can do payment gateway integration in Bangalore to your website within Hours at the cheapest price. Our developers have nearly integrated every payment gateway available. We are known for the providing the best services in E-commerce Payment Gateway Integration in Bangalore

Some of the most widely Used Payment Gateways in India:



Some of the most widely supported Banking gateways include:

  • HDFC Payment Gateway
  • ICICI Payment Gateway
  • SBI Payment Gateway
Some of the most widely Used in International Payment Gateway :

    • Ingenico Payment Gateway Service
    • Worldpay Payment Gateway Service
    • PayPal Payment Gateway Service
    • Mastercard Payment Gateway Service