Web server maintenance in Bangalore

Web server maintenance in Bangalore

The core part of your website is a Server. Without proper server maintenance, your website is of no good. WEB-FEB developers constantly thrive on Web Server Maintenance to stay updated.  Regular Web Server Maintenance is required to avoid loss of data and performance issues. At WEB-FEB we keep your website up to date running at optimal levels because we understand uninterrupted network means smoother business.

At WEB-FEB program, we have a specific team dedicated for server maintenance. We constantly review your server’s performance to ensure all monitoring utilities are properly installed. We take regular backups to revert in case of any server failures. We will also be in check to avoid potential risks. We can enhance your performance irrespective of the platform including, WordPress, PHP, Magento, HTML5 etc.

WEB-FEB Program’s Web Server Maintenance and Support includes:
  • Backup and restoring your data
  • Analyze error and Web Logs
  • Routine Health checks.
  • Installing updates and patches for new vulnerabilities
  • Enhancing security
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Creating additional websites
  • Managing SSL certificates
  • Performance optimization

We follow several other maintenance procedures:

  • Not every backup guarantees full website backup. There could be broken files. On taking back up of website, we set it up on our local system to make sure it’s working.
  • We keep an eye on Disk usage. Unwanted files, logs are deleted just to improve your website performance. On 100% disk usage, you have every chance of your database tables being corrupted. So if your disk usage is exceeding 90% of the allotted space, we enhance your disk usage.
  • We shall be updating OS as and when they are available. Linux servers will release constant updates to maintain security and enhance other features.
  • We keep updating Control Panel and also the software it controls like WHM where must manually update PHP versions to fix the issues which cause them.
  • Our Team keeps in check of server utilization analyzing CPU, RAM and other network utility factors and take suitable measures to keep the performance high.
  • Passwords too will be constantly changed and set complex to ensure high security.