E-commerce Portal developer in Bangalore

E-Commerce refers to buying or selling of products or subscribing to services in return for money over the internet. The Internet and online shopping are growing day by day so many business companies are shifting towards online shopping for their everyday needs. Buying and selling of the products through online have become one of the best practices in the current trend. To work this accurately we need E-Commerce websites. Web Feb in Bangalore provides the best E-Commerce solution where you can use the website for buying and selling of the products where you can make your business easier and also profitable. It opens a new sales channels and reaches new market segments. If you are looking for an E-Commerce website portal development in Bangalore, then you are at the right place. 

We are the best E Commerce portal developers in Bangalore providing top E Commerce portal solutions for your businesses. It is your virtual store that brings the shopping experience offline at your physical retail store into the portal for consumers shopping online to be able to engage with your store. An e-Commerce portal will typically have web pages through the stages encompassing offline shopping behaviors like entering the store, finding products, shortlisting products, comparing products and then finally purchasing it. These could be done on the back end helping your customers with the suggestion on your website and help them in purchasing suitable product or group of products.

E-Commerce can be developed in two ways. One is by using online Content Management System and E-Commerce Platforms such as WordPress, Magento etc. Second one is by writing our own HTML and PHP codes.

Developing using online E-Commerce platforms involves less efforts and hence development charges would be less. Attractive templates will be provided and a choice has to be made for the most appropriate one. Most templates are free of cost while appealing paid ones are also available. On the selected template, our brand name can be put along with the tagline, logo and other details. But, the flexibility would be limited to such a website. The designs can be altered to a reasonable extent, and so is the case with the functionality of the portal.

Features of E-commerce portal Development

  • User-friendly interface
  • Attractive mobile enabled design
  • Reliable and easy to understand
  • Advanced integrated shopping cart
  • Integrated customer database
  • Unlimited customization
  • Powerful search functionality
  • Safe and secure web portal

Benefits of E-commerce portal Development

  • Assists business in establishing new market trends
  • Gain a customer loyalty in terms of having repetitive orders
  • Reduce operational cost by eliminating manual user intervention
  • Provide customer with a live and interactive shopping experience
  • Ultimate functionality enables business to maintain strong customer base
  • A lot of time and money saver as it required few seconds for order placement
  • It empowers buyer by allowing them to handle product transactions in an improved manner.

Advantage of E-commerce portal Development

  • Establish business in new markets
  • Increase business revenue
  • Creating a convenient buying experience for your customers
  • Always be in touch with customers and business partners
  • Feedback from customers which helps you to improve your business

E-commerce portal provides functionalities

  • Online Product Catalogue
  • Special discount & special offers
  • User Registration & Account modification
  • Highly Secured Payments through SSL(Secure Sockets Layer ).
  • Custom Website Designing and Custom Website Development
  • Approval of Every Step by Client
  • Data Upload and Download simple in ONE Click
  • User and SEO friendly Website Design
  • Advanced Search options for Products
  • Track Order System for Customers
  • Quick Shop and Guest/Express Checkout
  • Copy Products to more than one Category
  • CMS Pages Management and Referral Friends
  • Orders Email Notification (To User and Admin)
  • Product “Out of Stock” Email Notification
  • Stock, Sales & Customers Graphic Report
  • HTML or .HTML URL Rewriting for Better SEO
  • Initial Best On-Page Optimization Work (SEO)
  • All Days Customer Support by Phone & Email

E-commerce Portal developer in Bangalore

Web Feb in Bangalore has constantly tried to stay as one the best E-commerce Portal developer in Bangalore. Developers from Web Feb are highly skilled and experienced where they work on the project according to the client’s requirement. Web Feb in Bangalore is one of the leading E-commerce Portal developers in Bangalore. With E-commerce Portal there is also an option of recommending cross-sell and up-sell products for a Product which is being reviewed or to is bought.
We develop E-Commerce portal development using the platforms like WordPress, Magento, Prestashop. We do payment gateway integration for E-Commerce portal development websites. Business to business Portals is the Exchange of products or Services in the internet between business rather than between business and Consumers. In that E-Commerce Solution includes Inventory Management, Payment Integration, Shipping Integration, Store Management.

Our E-Commerce solutions focus on areas like:

We specialize in developing database-driven E-Commerce portals, the most cost-effective way of promoting your business online. E-commerce website handles the entire sales workflow in a fast and secure way. SEO friendly design to expand your possibilities. We help you reduce the strain on your E-business through diverse, scalable and customized E-commerce applications. As a professional web design company, we render the best solutions for E-commerce website designing in Bangalore, Our E-commerce solutions assist your business to stay ahead in league with the fast growing world.