Matrimony portal developer in Bangalore

Marriage is a significant and essential occasion of the life. Every groom has a dream that his wife should be gorgeous, clever and supportive. Similar to that every bride has a dream that her spouse should be good-looking. Educated and caring person but nowadays it is very difficult to find a dream’s life partner. Matrimonial Solutions or matrimony sites offer a platform to brides and grooms where they can discover his/her dream’s life partner. On the wedlock site, bride or groom can look for his/her dream’s life spouse on an important keyword like age, location, education, profession, Religion, income, height complexion, Caste, Sub-caste etc. We have dedicated and experienced professionals where we work hard to meet the requirements of the client. Matrimony portal development in Bangalore

Matrimonial Portal Development in Bangalore

Web Feb offers a range of innovative and highly functional Matrimonial websites and portals that make the process of matchmaking easy and user-friendly. We offer matrimonial solutions agencies a perfect online engine so that they can start their online matrimony matchmaking business within a fortnight. Our matrimonial website development even offers advanced tools and integrated administrative software solutions to enable owners having full administrative control.

Matrimonial Portal Solutions: Front End Features

Front-end user will allow accessing for both guest users and registered members. A number of noteworthy features are offered to the user’s solutions in this section:

Guest User Features:

  • Member registration in paid or free modes
  • Keyword-based category browsing
  • Advanced search with additional parameters
  • Featured profile listing
  • Profile management
  • Browse categories
  • Basic and advanced search with additional parameters
  • Access to the complete profile
  • Static information pages and more

Registered User Features:

  • Configure e-mail alert preferences
  • Account upgrading services
  • Pay for optional items like featured and for bold profile
  • Various e-mail and SMS alert preferences
  • Free to paid account migration
  • Multiple types of payment options

Matrimonial Portal Solutions: Back-End Features

Back-end section is specially  Web designed and developed for the website administrators to offer them an opportunity to manage the internal website architecture. The administrator may perform add, edit, remove, activate, deactivate, search operations on Matrimonial Solutions are:

  • User Location Profiles
  • User Religious Profile
  • User Contact Profile
  • User Work/Career Profile
  • User Personality Profiles
  • User Community Profile
  • User photograph and documentation support
  • User Family Profile

Who can use Matrimony Websites?

Existing matrimony consultants that are working privately can take their business to the next level with our software package loaded with features to manage thousands of members. New investors that are interested in starting a matrimony business will get a quick boost into the business with this package as it contains everything needed to start and manage a successful matrimony business.
Web Feb in Bangalore is the best place to make matrimony portal website development.  Our team provided service to the clients in each and every part of Bangalore. Our Web Feb team is one of the best teams in Bangalore to provide matrimony portal website development, till now we have developed more than 20 websites in Bangalore related to Matrimony Portal Website development.

While Creating the Profile the Main 3  steps Candidate should be follow:

The matrimonial Sites are really helpful in finding the compatible partner. Here we are Sharing some tips to optimize your matrimonial Profile.

    • Be Specific : At the time of filling the information, be Specific your requirements. Your Specific Information Can help to find the perfect Partner. Don’t write and mention things for the sake of writing it.
    • Scan Profile carefully : While Creating the Profile You must have notice that these website have different filters, You can Use these Filters to search partner according to your Preference.
    • Fill More Information : It is always recommended to fill right and Accurate information. All these websites have different fields that every member suppose to fill this. You are require to fill a information regarding about yourself, family, Education, Professional Details, and their interest and partner Preference.