Best Shared server provider in Bangalore

Web hosting to be put in simple terms, it is a space to reside your website on the internet. There are different hosting plans for the website to be hosted. Among those is one, called as Shared server. A shared server as the name implies is a single computer system on which a web-hosting service runs many websites which consume less space, could be of different clients. It runs in a virtual operating environment which makes sure it does not affect other websites running on the same physical server. We offer shared server hosting in Bangalore.

Shared hosting being the most classic and popular plan, is the best go to offer if you are having a website with less number of pages/products. WEB-FEB Program offers cheapest shared server hosting in Bangalore. Every client is allocated certain disk space, traffic, FTP accounts, databases and numerous other services. WEB-FEB shared servers are reliable and lightning quick. WEB-FEB Program offers free email IDS on shared server hosting.

Advantages of Shared Servers

  • Affordable and recommended for an entry level business (small scale companies and startups)
  • Easy to configure, setup and usability
  • Shared hosting could easily handle start-up websites
  • Bandwidth is unlimited which enables multiple websites to run on shared server

Disadvantages of Shared Servers

  • With high traffic to your website, you may experience loading issues. This signifies you to go for higher plans like VPS or Dedicated servers.
  • For media related websites, say like streaming videos, shared servers are not the best choice for you.
  • Either the server or its performance is not controlled.

Shared Server Hosting in Bangalore

At WEB-FEB, we offer cheapest shared server hosting in Bangalore with your websites being hosted at best hosting service providers like Hostgator shared server hosting, Bluehost, Godaddy, Liquidweb, Set ground, in motion etc. This gives you an idea how reliable would be the services you would receive from us.