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Kind Server Required Websites

Web server is the computer system that contains web content and it uses Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (http) to convey the web pages or files.
To set server to your site we have to consider the factors like reliability, presentation, scalability, availability, administration, and fee.
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Some list of server setups are:

  • Everything on one server:

Webserver, application server, database server everything will include in single server for a distinctive web application. In this setup there is a common variation called LAMP stack. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQLand PHP.It is the simplest set up which offers in the way of scalability and factor isolation.

  • Load balancer:

It can be used to deliver many applications via same port and domain. We include this to server environmentto distribute the work load across many servers. If one server is fail to balancing the load other will maintain the stream of traffic untilthe failed server get recover.Varnish, Nginx, HAP Proxy are of software capable of load balancing.

  • Separate database server:

To reduce the resource conflict between application and database we separate the Database Management system (DBMS) from the rest of atmosphere. Removal of database from public network or Demilitarizedzone (DMZ) results increase in security.

  • Master slave database replication:

To improve the database system performance reads compared to writes. This duplication needs one master and one or more slave nodes. In this setup all updates are sent to master and slaves will get reads.

  • Accelerator: HTTP

The job of HTTP Accelerator is to catch the responses from web or application server in memory and it reduce the time to serve the data to user.

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