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Domain Hosting


Domain names are prepared using laws & principles of DNS. Name registered in DNS is the domain name. These are used in different network contexts & application-based naming and addressing uses. Generally, a domain name represents an Internet Protocol, server our system hosting a website, or the website itself or any other service communicated through the net. Domain names are organized in sub levels of the root domain, which has no name. The 1st level set of domain names is top level domains (TLD), including generic top-level domains (GTLD), for example, domains com, info, net, edu , org, and the country code top-level domains (CCTLD).

Registration of these domain names is taken over by domain name registrars, who sell their services to the people. A fully qualified domain name (FQDN) is a domain name that is completely shown with labels in a hierarchy of the DNS. Labels in the Domain Name System are, but common names are written in lowercase. Host names look as a component in URLs for Internet resources such as websites easily.

A generic domain defines a general The main function of domain names is to provide easily identifiable and rememberable names to numerically addressed Internet resources. These are used to provide a unique identity. Organizations choose a domain name through which net users reach them category. Some examples of generic names are, Companies have created brands based on generic names, & so generic names could be valuable.


is one of those companies which provide the best Hosting in Bangalore. By providing a unique name to your business, i.e.Domain Registration. Here first the Domain is selected and then Website development is carried out according to the needs of the client.

Some domains are

• gov –Government agencies
• edu- Educational institutions
• org-Organizations
• mil-Military
• com-Commercial business
• net-Network organization
• ca –Canada
• th- Thailand


Web hosting is the way to post our web pages or websites onto the internet OR it is the method to add web pages to the internet which can be created by anyone and viewed by millions.

Web hosting technique is a useful platform for the people to post their ideas, personal touches on World Wide Web.The companies of web hosting provider server to their clients to present the information, files, pictures etc.Web server is system that sends the information for personal sites to the internet

WEB FEB also provides Hosting services in Bangalore. They provide you the cheapest domains in Bangalore and various modes of payment. WEB FEB has got a high & one of the leading Domain/Hosting company in Bangalore. It maintains more than thousands of clients

Benefits of web hosting:

  • Using web hosting technique we can make our content to be seen on World Wide Web.
  • We also put our company or personal pages to search engines or several different ones.


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