a) Distributor Back
b) Admin Back
c) Inventory
d) Franchisee
Types of Compensation Plan
a) Accumulated Differential Plan
b) Binary Plan
c) Generation Plan
d) Matrix Compensation Plan
e) Revolving Matrix Plan
f) Australian Binary Plan
g) Hybrid Compensation Plan
h) Customized Compensation

Why Choose Tech Manyata Software’s solutions Pvt Ltd
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1) Replicated Website
Distributors can have their own personalized self-replicating website with static URL.
2) Payment Gateways
Pre integrated payment gateways to make process easy and Flexible enough to be get integrated.
3) Ecommerce Enabled
Integration of Ecommerce portal (for unlimited products). 50+ attractive Themes to choose from.
4) 24 x 7 Support
5) Impactable Design
6) Quick Response Time