E-mail service provider in Bangalore

A mail server, otherwise known as an E-mail server is an application which takes care of transferring mails received from a client to intended mail servers over internet. The vice versa is also possible where it could deliver to client computers. A mail goes through a series of mail servers before reaching intended destination. Without this complexity you would be able to transfer your mails only within the same domain. We are popular E-mail service provider in Bangalore. WEB-FEB provides you unlimited mails at cheapest cost in Bangalore for those of your websites hosted on our server which is secure and highly reliable. We even provide you assistance with configuring your mails on E-mail clients like outlook, Thunderbird etc and also smart phones at free of cost. WEB FEB offers best and reasonable expense email promoting administrations and mass email administrations. 

Different types of Mail Servers:

  • Incoming Mail servers – Incoming mail servers can be again divided into two subcategories:
    • POP3 – Also known as Post office Protocol version 3.0 servers, is best for storing sent and received emails on client’s computers.
    • IMAP – Also known as Internet Message Access protocol servers, is used for storing a replica of these emails on servers. Even POP3 servers have the ability to store emails on servers.
  • Outgoing Mail servers – They are known as SMTP or simple mail transfer protocol.

Processing of sending email through E-mail servers:

Stage 1: On Client sending his email through Outlook, Gmail etc, these e-mail clients connect to your domain’s SMTP server.
Stage 2: The email client interacts with the SMTP server, providing your information like your email address, intended recipient’s email address, the message and if any attachments.
Stage 3: If the domain name is same: If the recipient’s domain is same as that of senders’ then the message is directly routed to the domain’s IMAP or POP3 server.
If the domain name is different: If the recipient’s domain is different to that of senders’ then the message is routed between servers, i.e. The SMTP server will communicate with another domain server.
Stage 4: The incoming message will be scanned by the recipient’s SMTP server. On recognizing the domain and the username, it forwards the mail. After that it will be put in a send mail queue waiting for the recipient’s email client to be downloaded.

E-mail service provider in Bangalore

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