1.Your website is raking in traffic but conversion rates are low: When your site has a high bounce rate, Google tends to lower your organic search ranking. What you need is a heatmap to understand how your visitors interact with the web page. In addition to this, you can figure out where on your user journey the drop-offs are maximum by conducting a funnel analysis for your website

2.Your knowledge of customer psychology doesn’t match your customers’ behavior: Running a heat map test is all it takes to understand how visitors are interacting with your page, which spots are getting clicks, and which spots are not getting the attention they deserve. If users aren’t clicking where you want them to, modify the page to bring more attention to that element.

3.You haven’t revamped your website in ages:If you haven’t updated your website or changed its design in a while, you might be finding yourself in a fix. Users might lose interest, or get turned off by a rogue element or two.

4.You just revamped your website : When you do an A/B test or split URL test, you can compare how two versions of the same page fare with your audience, then go with the one that has more engagement. It’s wise to test on a section of the audience before you go all in on the new design.

5.You just took your designer’s word for your websiteThe designer knows best when it comes to aesthetics and color schemes. But if your users are exiting with minimal engagement, then CRO is likely to be a huge help for your sales

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