Makes-a-great-website-in Bangalore
Makes-a-great-website-in Bangalore

Makes-a-great-website-in Bangalore

After you visit a site and you browse through it for a while, what makes you stay? Great design helps. Amazing graphics are eye catching. But the fundamental trait that makes a website work is the content. If your content isn’t easy to read people will go to other site to get information and buy. What Makes a Great Website? Here some tips are there to follow this

Some steps on writing effective website copy?

Keep it short :While choosing the right words are important, keeping them into a minimum is equally important

Choose your words carefully :Try to avoid words that are too descriptive. Descriptive words often don’t tell readers much and are a waste of words.

Organization is the key :Organize your content and information. Start simple and get to the details.

Use Subheadings : People often get lost or bored reading online so include subheadings to catch their attention and allow for scanning. Ensure paragraphs are short by cutting out any unnecessary copy.

Check and recheck Spelling and grammar : Check and re check your content to make sure it is correct. If you are unsure whether there should be a comma, a colon, or semi colon it is a good idea to consult a grammar guide. Good grammar and spelling ensures your professionalism and increase your credibility.

Avoid Exclamation marks! :If you are one of those people that put an exclamation mark after every sentence. Stop that one they people make edgy and they are annoying! Exclamation marks don’t make your sales pitch any more effective.
These all are comes under the SEO tactics. make sure that while creating a website designing it includes all the above points.

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