However, designing a website is a hard task and requires the tons of creativity and knowledge in some software like Photoshop, Dream weaver etc. First of all developers deeply understand the customer requirement, exactly what they want and also which is sometime difficult to put into words. 5 things we need to know before designing your website

Don’t worry we are here to help you before starting the work what are the home work need to do from the web designers.

What is your website for? :This is the most thing to be considered. If the designer don’t know what purpose that your website should serve, they cannot create effective one for you.

Who is it for : Along with your business goal, you need to determine your target audience. Who will visit your site? What do they want to get from your site?

Do you know about SEO? :It’s must for your website to be SEO Optimized. Here Search engine are like Phone books. People use them to find how to contact with others who they are looking for, If your website is not on the first page of the books. Or not in the list people ignore your site for sure.

What kind of content will you need? :We Can say content is the king. It will help define your brand. Personality and is what inform your audience, make your money.Text. Photos. Logos. Taglines. Take time to think clearly about these things.

What is your budget? :The no. 1 question that many business owners have asked is that how much a website actually costs, it will take longer and cost more than you think! If you have a tight budget, yes, you can find a thousand of website template out there with a super cheap price. But you know what, your website will look cheap as well.

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