Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting has gradually gained popularity in recent days. Cloud hosting, also known as server on-demand hosting, is a kind of hosting over the internet which works on the principle of on-demand access to shared resources, data, and information. Standalone servers and virtual servers restrict the customers with limited resources, limited scalability options, and service disruption. This has given rise to cloud hosting where customers have the advantage of seamless scalability, increased accessibility, highly reliable and great cost savings. Be posting your updates on facebook or checking your bank balance on the phone you are on the cloud. Web Feb is the best Cloud Hosting Provider in Bangalore

Most the large and small scale companies are moving to cloud hosting today either directly (Google/Amazon) or indirectly (twitter/facebook) instead of traditional hosting services. WEB-FEB Program is a Cloud Hosting Provider in Bangalore at cheapest cost for small-scale and startup companies.

Reasons to go for Cloud Hosting Services:

Scalability and Flexibility: Cloud hosting is best suitable for companies with constant growth or fluctuating bandwidth demands. You could access to resources seamlessly without being constrained by physical memory. If your website experiences more or less traffic, the cloud servers scale up and down automatically.
Reliability: With Cloud hosting, the load is balanced across multiple hosts. The data available on those servers will be mirrored across the whole cluster. If one server goes offline, it is not affected much as the pooled cloud resource is drawn from multiple servers in the cluster. It has the ability to recover from disaster.
Software updated automatically: Unlike your traditional web hosting services, such as shared servers, VPS servers, or dedicated serversWeb Server Maintenance,  you do not have to worry about updating software and keep a check on that. Here service providers take care of everything and roll out regular software and security updates
Effective Costing: You pay only for what you choose. There are no extra charges for the resources which haven’t been utilized. Additional resources are always available on high traffic circumstances. Cloud computing skips huge hardware costs.
WEB-FEB Program is comprised of professional networking team which is the best team for cloud hosting provider in Bangalore

Cloud Hosting Provider in Bangalore

Are you looking to host your website, web application or portals at the cheapest cost, then WEB FEB is the right place for your who is a Cloud Hosting Provider in Bangalore.