Magento e commerce prestashop ecommerce in Bangalore

Magento E-commerce and Prestashop E-commerce

Magento E-commerce Solution

Magento E-commerce solution is a feature rich with open source e-commerce platform software solution that offers merchants with the flexibility of having complete control over content planning in the software. Magento E commerce Solutions in Bangalore

Magento E-commerce solution provides businesses with a tremendous amount of flexibility when it comes to configuring and taking total control of their stores.

Prestashop E-commerce solution

Prestashop E-commerce solution is an open source e-commerce platform that users can have hosted in the cloud or downloaded from the Prestashop website.

Prestashop E-commerce solution is easy to install and boasts a wide range of attractive features. For instance, its search & advanced search modules are excellent, being comparatively faster than Magento.

Difference between Magento E-commerce solution vs Prestashop E-commerce solution 

  •  Magento has more features than PrestaShop.
  • Prestashop is easier to install than Magento.
  • PrestaShop has a lower requirement system
  •  Magento doesn’t have the compatibility issues but PrestaShop has issues .
  • It’s easier to customize PrestaShop.
  • Magento provides more custom features and options to use.
  • Magento comes with a technical support team and a large community of developers, while PrestaShop only provides for supports to developers.
  • PrestaShop is much smaller than Magento.
  • Search capabilities are better in PrestaShop.
  • Magento provides more themes for the user than PrestaShop.
  • Magento has SEO features but not found in any other e-commerce solution.

Magento benefits

  • Absolute control of your online channel
  •  Leverage your online store with Magento enterprise-level functionalities and tools.
  •  Expands and scales with your businesses effortlessly and quickly.
  •  Get the functionalities you need as your business grows.

PrestaShop benefits

  •  it is free for the community of opens source experts supporting to keep it on that way.
  • Building online stores is very easy. Store elements are customizable so users can bring in their corporate elements and make the stores with their own modules.
  • Expert and comprehensive training materials are provided for all the users at all levels, ensuring that you will get the prestashop online store.
  • Extensive feature are sets for managing product listing, payments, shipping, manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Integrations with a wide host of leading business services and applications.


Magento is a good fit for businesses that want advanced web stores with full control and higher customization. Generally, medium to large enterprises or those looking for a scalable solution will find Magento a better match compared to PrestaShop.

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