Hosting in Bangalore

Types of hosting

Most basically hosting a type of service, which makes individuals or organizations to make their web sites accessible through World Wide Web.

During start up your online business free and less expensive plans are fine, but when your business grows, needs will increase and become more complex, then you get more website traffic, you have to go for other hosting types.

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There are many types in hosting and few important types of hosting are

• Shared hosting:

We use this type when we host the web pages at the time of others websites that mean many websites share the same server. In this type of hosting, there is a single main server shared by many other website owners. It includes sharing the physical server & software applications within a server. These services are affordable because cost to operate the server is shared between owners.

Blue host is an example for shared web hosting. It has some of the disadvantages like sharing the same server affects all the sites when one site becomes busy and lack of flexibility.


1. It is cheaper: because to have our own server cost more.
2. Easier to use.


1. Sharing the same server affects all the sites when one site becomes busy

2. Less flexible: In shared server each site has to consider other site also so it leads to lack of flexibility.

Dedicated server:

This type allows you to have your own server which host only your websites and it is completely belongs to you only. In this hosting, you have web server with you, that allows to perform faster and you have all the resources, without sharing other website owners. It means that you are responsible for the cost of server operations.
This will be good choice for websites requiring a lot of system resources or need a higher level of security. This provides you full control over your websites. The main disadvantage is that it will cost more.


1. There is no security issue.
2. This will give you control over your websites and other’s websites does not effect on your websites.


1. It will cost more to have our own server.

• Virtual dedicated server

It is the combination of shared hosting and dedicated hosting features. Here one physical server is divided into number of smaller units that each act as their own virtual server. It is also known as virtual private server. When you log on to virtual server which gives a feel like you log on to your own server even other virtual server are running in same time and on the machine.


1.It is low cost because web host put many virtual servers to your machine.

• Managed hosting

In this type, host provider and dedicated server that manages your own server. And the hosting provider is responsible for setting up and configuring hardware, installing and configuring software, technical support, patch management, system maintenance, monitoring and updates, OS etc.
You can have a control over machine and it is much more expensive.Other services are available as part of the hosting package include backups, load balancing and disaster recovery, as well as securities etc.

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