Content Management System Training in Bangalore

Content Management System Training

CMS development lets you manage your website the way you want to manage your content. Content of your website is something which helps you improves your search engine rankings and also the look feel of the website.  CMS Training in Bangalore. Through the trouble-free content management provided by CMS development lets you manage the content without any technical help that is why CMS websites are getting more admired nowadays. Quick modifications, better and simple control panel leads to amplified productivity. we can Add, delete, edit or modify the text and images, and videos to improve the look and feel of the website.

Why Webfeb?

CMS or Content Management System is especially a tool developed for users to maintain their own websites by creating, editing, publishing web pages. It literally makes the users be a boss of their own websites. CMS Training in Bangalore. Users opting CMS Website need not rely on Web Development team to control and manage the content and all these could be done without any Technical Knowledge. So CMS tools are built for the end users. WEB FEB  is right at the top when people speak of best Content Management System Developer in Bangalore. WEB-FEB  has a team proficient in all popular CMS tools like WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento, Drupal, Open Cart etc.

From Blog to News Portal to E-commerce portal, WEB FEB has a ton of experience with immense knowledge on these CMS tools, hence being successful Content Management System Developer in Bangalore


  • 100% Placement
  • certified Training
  • Work on Live Projects
  • Get mentored by Experts
  • Learn as an employee on real-time projects
  • 6months Duration
  • Full Time : 8 hr / 5 Days or Weekend
  • Fees 70,000/-

WordPress Development Training in Bangalore:

Deliver content using easy to adopt technology
Wordpress blogs are universal. These blog sites, when converted to websites/portals, offer various plugins and online marketing platforms- a ready-to-use solution to handle & integrate customized developments & WordPress plugins.
Web Feb WordPress development team enables comprehensive integration to deliver suitable WordPress websites.

Hands-On Training on WordPress

  • Introduction
  • Installing WordPress
  • Initial security measurements
  • Get familiar with dashboard
  • Important initial settings

Custom Post Type

  • How to create a custom post type
  • How to create custom taxonomy
  •  How to create an advanced custom post with extra meta fields

Theme Customization

  • Hands-on Training Module plus
  • How to customize a theme
  • What is a Child Theme and How to Create and Use it
  • Work on a Premium Theme
  • How to create Custom page, category templates
  • What are Custom fields and how to use custom fields
  • create and use custom post types

Plugin Development

  • How to install a plugin
  • How to modify the plugin
  • How to develop a simple plugin
  • How to Connect your plugin with database
  • How to make an advanced plugin with Database/Jquery/CSS

Menu and Widgets

  • Understanding built-in modules
  • How to configure custom menu
  • How to enable more than one menu
  • How to customize the menu design
  • How to use Widgets?
  • How to create your own widget?
  • How to show the widget content anywhere in the theme?

E-commerce website development

  • How to develop a shopping cart website using WordPress
  • How to configure Payment Gateway in WordPress

Magento Development in Bangalore:

Word Press training courses in Bangalore, run by WEB FEB  with the help of one of our finest team experts, you will become a confident WordPress website administrator. If you are looking to become professional in WordPress over a very short period of time, our training Course in WEB FEB, Bangalore is the perfect solution. No shortcuts or tricks but the just solid knowledge that you can put to fantastic use to aid your business, project or organization.
Our WordPress training course helps you learn all the basics of operating WordPress, from applying themes to your website, to add pages and posts. We will help you learn everything you need to know to run a WordPress website including publishing content, creating menus, changing reading and writing options, and using widgets.


  • Introduction to Content Management System
  • Introduction to Magento
  • Introduction to WAMP
  • WAMP Installation
  • Magento Installation
  • Login to the Magento Administrator

Template Designing

  • Understanding Template System
  • Directory Structure
  • Customization of Template
  • Creating New template
  • Page Layout, Blocks


  • Magento Features
  • Configure Magento Webstore
  • Magento Products
  • Magento Products Import
  • Magento Quantity
  • Magento Categories
  • Magento Special Prices
  • Magento Orders
  • Magento Themes

Drupal Development Training in Bangalore:

Drupal is an open-source platform where its users are increasing drastically. If you want a CMS website than the first choice among Content Management System (CMS) websites is Drupal. Drupal is developed using a LAMP. Drupal E-commerce portal development has become one of the most used and the active developer communities in today’s world. A website which is developed in drupal platform gives you the complete control of the system and content. Drupal E-Commerce Solution is Customizable where the client can modify the content as per his needs whenever he want to update the content or images using backend credentials.

Drupal Administration

  • What is a CMS? What is a social site/network?
  • Looking at a basic Drupal page what does it include?
  • (header, blocks, links, comments….)


  • What if you need custom storage?
  • adding a table to Drupal’s DB
  • using the .install file for installation and updating

Basic Site configuration

  • site-information
  • Date and time
  • Files uploads
  • clean-urls

Object-oriented Programming In PHP

  • Concepts And Basics Of Oops
  • Classes
  • Class Methods
  • Instances Of Classes
  • Class Properties
  • Inheritance
  • Access Modifiers


  • content submission
  • creating new content types with CCK
  • CCK add-ons and field types
  • WYSIWYG in Drupal (currently teaching TinyMCE integration)
  • Taxonomy
  • Views
  • working with media images, audio, video

Users administration

  • creating roles
  • registration
  • editing users’ details and blocking users
  • Forms API
  • FAPI, uugggh another acronym don’t be scared FAPI is good
  • Why use an API? writing forms HTML is really easy!

Custom nodes

  • How to create a custom node
  • Why not just use CCK? A comparison
  • A node module’s tacklebox hook_load, hook_update, hook_delete, etc.
  • Modules (choose, download, install, configure)
  • Access Control
  • Menus

Drupal modules development (EXTRA)

  • Introduction:
  • How is Drupal built?
  • What is “Core”

Tools and Rules

  • Drupal coding standards
  • demonstration of and the API module
  • writing secure code
  • Tricks of the trade
  • Devel and coder module

Hooks & Theming

  • We fishing or writing code?
  • Overview of what a hook is
  • Demonstration of a hook
  • Simple module implementing hook_nodeapi and drupal_set_message.

Prestashop Development Training in Bangalore:

Prestashop is a free open source shopping cart platform which helps small to large businesses create and able to share powerful eCommerce software with the world for free. The software is based on the Smarty template engine, nowadays is used by thousands of shops all over the world.
It supports online payment systems such as PayPal, Google Checkout, CC Avenue, Pay fort, Payments Pro via API, and Skrill. It is used on Apache web server with PHP 5 and MySQL 5 running on it.
Managing a product list at the PrestaShop back-office: administrative interface helps you handle with one-click most complex inventory updates. PrestaShop provides customers with a great number of options to view the customer orders details with chosen products, has a one-page checkout, reliable shipping options along with control logistics ( free, shipping restrictions, weight and many more) and the ability to attach voucher code and custom messages. So PrestaShop will do its best to simplify and make more comfortable customers’ work. PrestaShop has an advanced tracking system as well as customizable exchange rates. The customers can also choose the prefer

New features in development.

Symfony2 key folders and new structure.
Data Base Structure and Doctrine.

  • 3 spaces:
  • Legacy Code
  • Intermediary Code
  • New Code
  • Payment Module
  • Migration to Payment API
  • Ex.: Create a Payment Module for 1.7.
  • New features
  • Theme Organisation
  • Understand the domain division.
  • New Smarty
  • New Resource Management.
  • New Translation Management.
  • New Standards and Technologies.
  • Configuring your environment.
  • Create a new Theme from Starter Theme + Classic
  • Back Office New Structure
  • Not all is Twig, not all is Smarty
  • BO Structure
  • Overriding a BO.